"Howtos" within Sugar Activities (was: [Sugar-devel] Potential volunteer offering technical writing)

Bastien bzg at altern.org
Tue Oct 11 05:21:32 EDT 2011

I have read all the interesting input regarding refreshing the Help
activity and collectively writing up new Sugar lessons.

One simple idea: why not try to put "howtos" *within* Sugar Activities?

For example, the Turtle Art activity would have such a folder:


Plain text would be nice, as it could be later exported to HTML and
displayed within Sugar when required.  Plain text is also easier to 
handle wrt translation.

There has been a lot of discussion about accessing the "source" and 
I see this "how/" folder something that we could feed with powerful
ideas, sitting between the source code and the activity.

Also, it would help solving one of the biggest problem: having someone 
who is in charge of maintaining this documentation.

FWIW, I have updated the FLOSS/DOCS presentation in which I summarize
the background ideas and motivations for this proposal:




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