Browse-129 PDF fork for 11.3.0

Simon Schampijer simon at
Wed Oct 5 06:51:54 EDT 2011

Tested as well under 11.2.0 to determine if we regressed:

> - I can use the 'save to Journal' option and reveal them using the Read
> activity ([1] does show a strange title though 'Document:", the log do
> not show why), enhancement: would be nice to add here the download link
> in the description field like we do for other downloads

Same in 11.2.0, title is 'Document:'.

> - I can share a link using the session bookmarks (machine A), however on
> B when clicking on the link we try to download the pdf instead of
> showing it in Browse

This does work actually as expected in 11.2.0. If I click on the shared 
bookmark it is opened in Browse. So a regression.

> - there is a funny drawing error when you switch to another view while
> the pdf is loading (see screenshot where the status alert is drawn in
> the neighborhood view) (os8 on a 1.5)

Same in 11.2.0.

Even with the regression above I would go that path forward. But would 
be great to diagnose the issue.


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