low contrast icons on the favourites view

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 09:42:56 EDT 2011

On os8 on multiple XO 1.5's, i sometimes (unpredictably to me) get the swirl
of icons in the favourites view coming up with many showing in very low
contrast.  Switching between list and favourites does not bring back the
higher contrast.  Rebooting the machine does restore the high contrast ,then
upon continuing to perform  some subsequent tasks and then going back to the
favourites view, the wheel icons are mostly low contrast again.  While the
activities which I have visited are colour, there are ones I've never been
in which are high-contrast b/w, but tmost of teh others look a very dull

I haven't seen for this on 11-2, 874, but I've been pretty well immersed
just in 11.3 builds for the last little while.

Is there a specific set of tests I should perform to see why this is
happening, has anyone else seen this?


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