11.3.1 build 14 released for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at laptop.org
Wed Nov 30 01:04:52 EST 2011

The "Hurricane's on its way" build, with S/R, audio, hwclock and OLS

Download from:


{ It may take approx 2 hs after this email is sent for the whole build
to appear. }

Fixes  (please help us confirm they are fixed!):
#11416 C1 XO 1.75s may not wake up due to RTC from suspend
#11462 Kernel crash seen initializing EC support on a 1.75 B1
#11400 Date resets to 1970 each boot
#11081 Early boot keyboard input causes boot errors

Also pending to test from recent builds (please help us confirm they are fixed!)
#11193 XO-1.75: Scratch & Etoys freeze when playing audio
#11411 Audio recorded on 1.75 may switch channels or not play when output
#11413 XO-1.75 libertas crash on resume
#11421 Simple alsa pcm example only plays back on one channel
#11460 Accelerometer driver attempts to install twice on B1
#11482 Accelerometer broken

   - prevent battery/AC events from fully waking laptop
   - add config settings for OLS backlight control sensor limits
   - various minor bugfixes
   - enhancements to olpc-brightness, required by addition
       of automatic backlight control in powerd. - Kernel
- Rename RTC udev rules to 88-clock.rules, reference BZ#756089, dlo#11400


  This is a test candidate for the C2 build, with a device-tree tag
  change, progress display during automatic firmware reflash, and support
  for automatic power and constant power manufacturing tags.

Andres Salomon (4):
      olpc: change platform_detect() code to grab versions from DT
instead of the EC
      mmp2: drop code dealing with old chip revisions
      mmp2_pm: stop manually dealing with the GC clock in pm code
      Revert "pm: don't use sram when suspending; just use wfi"

Chris Ball (1):
      mmc: pxa: Specify pm_caps, not pm_flags.

Jonathan Corbet (2):
      mmp2: use the full ADMA area
      mmp2: enable use of the full ADMA area by a single device

Mitch Bradley (1):
      mmp2: suspend invoking WFI from SRAM (draft)

Paul Fox (2):
      eliminate delayed RTC interrupts from the MMP2 RTC
      shut down SSP interface before configuring

Saadia Baloch (1):
      rtc-idt1338.c: Print debug message if set_time is called.


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