[Sugar-devel] automatic backlight control

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 24 13:31:31 EST 2011

On 24.11.2011, at 17:23, Paul Fox wrote:

> bert wrote:
>> So I would rather not add that extra step "below 0". 
> okay, i'm fine with that -- i was on the fence.  but i think you and
> gary are saying two slightly different things.
> you're saying that the manual keypresses shouldn't have an intermediate
> "level 0 in color" step.   gary's saying that auto-turnoff should go
> to level 0 in mono.  i'm happy to agree with you.  i don't think i'm
> ready to agree with gary.
> reason for not agreeing with gary:  the switch from color to mono and
> back is very noticeable when you're in bright sunlight.  the
> auto-turnoff should be designed to be as transparent to the user as
> possible.  there will be times when the auto-turnoff won't do quite
> the right thing -- perhaps your hands are shading the sensor
> momentarily, or perhaps your laptop was sleeping when you came
> outside, and the auto-turnoff won't take effect until your first
> keystroke wakes it up.  in those cases i think the auto-turnoff should
> stay in color mode.
> paul

I agree with you, but I thought Gary was referring to the brightness keys, too. I interpreted his message as "automatically switch to mono when the user sets brightness to 0", which is not what is in os12 right now, but will be reinstated as per this discussion.

- Bert -

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