[Sugar-devel] automatic backlight control

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Thu Nov 24 07:41:41 EST 2011

Today is a sunny day in cold Germany, unlike in the first half of the week. So I took the 1.75 outside.

IMHO the auto-off is fine as implemented in os12. Not distracting at all. Someone suggested turning it back on quicker, I tried that (replaced brightness_ramp with set_brightness), but that was much less nice.

As I said previously I like the new mono toggle using the brightness keys with ctrl.

But I also like the switch to mono when turning the brightness down manually. Much more convenient (and way more discoverable) than having to remember the ctrl-modifier. So I added those two lines back just as they were before, and it works fine. I would find it a foolish consistency to drop this just because automatic switch-off doesn't do it.

- Bert -

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