VPN Client.conf File

HALL,Brian C brian.hall02 at uwimona.edu.jm
Mon Nov 21 09:20:28 EST 2011

Good Morning All,

In installing openvpn I didn’t see a client.conf file. I want my XS to connect to a vpn server. In essence the XS will be the vpn client.

I have my vpn  keys and in trying to create the client.conf file I received some errors.

The issue is that when I created my client.conf file then restarted the openvpn service, it did not start. Iam able to stop it but not start.

I had previously gotten a site to look at regarding openvpn configuration however the site is now down.

See  the below client.conf file I created using a couple web sites.
dev tun
proto upd
user nobody
group nogroup
ca /etc/openvpn/keys/*.crt
cert /etc/openvpn/keys/*.crt
key  /etc/openvpn/keys/*.key
remote IP_ADDRESS 1194
resolv-retry infinite

Not sure where I went wrong. Iam assuming that I missed a couple lines..Not sure where.


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