[Sugar-devel] automatic backlight control

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon Nov 21 11:39:36 EST 2011

kevin wrote:
 > Not sure if I have gleaned all of what is desired here, but I will share my
 > experience.  I have a Samsung N130, a Lenovo S10-2, and an Adam Notion Ink
 > all with Pixel Qi screens.  Turning the backlight off and automatically
 > being in monochrome is a desired feature and matches the usage pattern.
 > Initiating the change to brightness by keystroke, instead of via ambient
 > light, is also a feature. .  Letting the transreflective aspect of the
 > screen in mono do it's thing, is also a feature to me.  Of course, turning

if i read this right, you're saying that you wouldn't want the display
to stay colored with the backlight off?  what's your reasoning?  the
screen is transflective whether in mono mode or not.

 > off the backlight is accomplished by using  an fn-f2 on one box, an fn-f4,
 > on another and a special feature key on the last; but, who's looking for
 > standards?  :-)
 > I  also  have a another three of all the same devices with their factory
 > standard LCD screent.  Brightness down to 0 on a colour LCD screen, or
 > turning the backlight off, (without the transreflective screen in
 > monochrome) gives me unreadable screens in any light conditions.  Down to 1
 > and staying in colour is fine enough, imo.  Backlight off direct to mono on
 > the PQ is fine with me too, imo.  Again, just from my point of view,
 > auto-dim was one of the most disturbing UI changes to Lion on the Mac, and
 > one which most of our Mac users have elected to defeat.  One person's user
 > experience feature can become another's defect.  (Tap-to-click anyone? )
 > So, if there becomes an ambient light control that in turn auto-dims or
 > changes mode handling or the screen, I would like there to be an easily
 > configurable UI to disable that feature.  My 2 cents.

bear in mind that this really only kicks in when the surrounding light
is bright enough that you literally can't tell whether the backlight
is on or not.  currently there's no way to disable it.  that will change,
but i'm not sure what form the UI might take.


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