MMC patchset for 1.75 to arm-3.0-wip

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Nov 16 21:26:41 EST 2011

Hi Martin,

I've just pushed six MMC patches to arm-3.0-wip that should:

* Allow specifying .caps and .pm_flags in platform code directly,
  instead of going via PXA flags
* Replace the PXA flags we currently use with their caps equivalents
(No behaviour change expected for these)

* Add the 8-bit bus width capability to our eMMC
(This should provide a measurable bandwidth speedup for eMMC read/write)

* Add MMC pm_flags to keep power to the 8686 and turn on wakeups over suspend
(This should result in dmesg not showing SDIO removal/insert over suspend)

Please test, thanks,

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>   <>
One Laptop Per Child

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