Gadgets gone wild

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Sun Nov 13 11:30:00 EST 2011

Fellow gadget folk:

Attached is a photo of the XO 1.75 running 11.3.1 os10.  It's hooked up via
Startech USB2VGA to a Dell VGA monitor.  From left to right you may see
herein , the 1.75 with its serial adapter exposed, a UVC microscope, the
Startech USB VGA adapter, a Dlink USB ethernet adapter resting on a Belkin
powered USB hub, which is in turn resting on a DLINK wan switch, then the
VGA monitor, which shows output from the UVC microscope in cheese and also
shows onscreen the n-m display of the ethernet adapter connection along
with the wireless connection.  Last, the keyboard and mouse are also live
on the XO through the Belkin hub.  No, the pen is not involved in this
experiment :-)

As expected, since the video subsystem is reportedly still under
development, the video response in cheese as one focuses the microscope up
and down is rather spotty, but other than that, all is very good. And,
let's face it, I'm no Chris Ball when it comes to photography



For those who need to know before opening, the photo is a jpg and around
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