Interesting aspect of signed build

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Nov 7 09:40:39 EST 2011

Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help.  I'm just telling what I found.

Was running os883 on an XO-1 (which had a developer key).  I applied 
some modifications (part of which was a yum upgrade of the kernel and a 
change to /boot/olpc.fth (to set the CPU speed)).  When I rebooted, I 
found that NONE of the changes to /boot were effective - the system 
still used the previous kernel and disregarded the changed olpc.fth.

On investigating, I saw that I had accidentally replaced the develop.sig 
on the XO-1 with the file from another system.  When I put in the 
correct develop.sig, that XO-1 now booted into the desired kernel (and 
had processed the desired /boot/olpc.fth change).


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