11.2.0 development build 20 released - development window closed

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Tue May 24 07:41:38 EDT 2011



This marks the end of milestone 3 of the release plan:
>From this point onwards we are only accepting bug fixes.
Emerging plans for the next major release will be announced soon, and
a new development window will also be open shortly.

Now's the time to start real testing and reporting issues if you aren't already!

Notable changes since last build:
Fix zsp file creation
More olpc-update efficiency and speed improvements
prelink temporarily disabled until we can make it play nice with
olpc-update (#10898)
New XO-1.5 firmware q3b07 fixes battery status problems in last build
Java removed from builds
Browse updated to v121
FotoToon updated to v7
GetBooks updated to v7
Paint updated to v33
Record updated to v91
Ruler updated to v8
StopWatch updated to v9
TamTamMini updated to v58
TypingTurtle updated to v27
Write updated to v74

Fixed bugs:
#3708 	Implicit placement of text fails to take on chosen color
#8865 	Slider bar should change brush and line width
#10427 	mimetypes.xml defined by activities not installed when
installing activities
#10706 	Include gmixer for GNOME installs
#10869 	Record activity has old toolbar
#10871 	Typing Turtle suite activity has old toolbar
#10787 	Stopwatch activity and XO power management mix interestingly

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