Turtles All The Way Down

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Fri May 20 11:16:31 EDT 2011

Okay, I finally read through all the text and run the samples.
What is not clear to me:
1. Why do the bytecode stuff? JS seems to be a perfectly good code 
representation to me and it can be run much faster compared to a naive 
bytecode interpreter or compiler written without the resources of the 
Chrome/V8 team.
2. Why do you want to serialize the stuff? Is not it enough to serialize 
just the JS code + screenshot and on load run it?
3. Why is the pervasive undo necessary? Only for debugging?
BTW cool project, that is exactly what I wanted to do, now I do not have 
to... :)

On 2011.05.20. 15:30, C. Scott Ananian wrote:
> I've done a little more work on "Turtles All The Way Down", which I
> (very briefly) discussed at EduJam.  I actually wrote a garbage
> collector in TurtleScript for TurtleScript on Sunday.  Brief writeup
> here:
>     http://cananian.livejournal.com/64140.html
> and exhaustive mind-numbing detail here:
>     http://cscott.net/Projects/TurtleScript/
> No actual turtles yet!  I'm going to have to fix that soon.
>    --scott

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