Are gtk.EventBox incompatible with Sugar Canvas zones ?

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at
Thu May 12 10:09:25 EDT 2011


i've managed to write a little application in PyGTK which let the user draw
some white figures (all by drawing a single line) on a green background :

   - i tested it with a gtk.EventBox wrapping a gtk.DrawingArea
   - and with a gtk.EventBox wrapping a gtk.Label
   - the drawing are done thanks to cairo library

Both works on my host system from eclipse ... So, no problem ?

In fact, there is one, really :

   - first i "translated the application to sugar" without wrapping label or
   drawingArea in a EventBox : so that the background appears but it is
   impossible to draw in it
   - but when i "translate to sugar" the version using an EventBox, the
   background doesn't even appear, and it is impossible to draw in the sugar
   canvas. Notice also that the log file doesn't mention any python error

I searched in the api in the sugar almanach place, but i didn't found
anything that could help me.

So, what could be wrong, if my email give enough explanations ?

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