NAND recovery?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon May 9 05:09:48 EDT 2011

On 8 May 2011 14:24, Yioryos Asprobounitis <mavrothal at> wrote:
> ok update-nand sd:\os18.onu

You didn't reply to my other question, but I tested and its working for me.

526628 os18.onu
818806784 os18.uim

8b95e172d61ee10263a42e191e66b4de  os18.onu
5274f1bc596cfa6a072eeaba23783e52  os18.uim

Also it looks to me like there is enough space in /bootpart for 2
kernels. Upon booting os18, "df -h" says that there is 11mb used and
14mb free.


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