rpm installation via customization stick

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Wed May 4 19:44:08 EDT 2011

Hi all:

This there any interest in the ability to install rpms with a
customization stick? I have a POC patch that does that with just a small
patch to dracut's 30olpc-customization routine[1]. On a side note I
noticed that the use of unzip suffers the same issue as os-builder does
when it comes to registering the activities' mimetype. Think the best
way around this is the same fix as I proposed here[2]. If we have to
chroot into the image for the rpms, think the activities should be
handled the same way. 

Feedback very much welcome,


[1] https://dev.laptop.org.au/attachments/186/dracut30.diff
[2] http://dev.laptop.org/attachment/ticket/10427/kspost.61.mimelink.inc

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