Core changes from newer OS platforms

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Mar 28 20:13:35 EDT 2011

Hi All,

Just going through my list of issues with Fedora 15 (that will also
likely affect other similarly aged platforms) the list of changes that
I think we need to account for are as follows:

- Firefox4 / xulrunner2: has any dev looked at the changes here and
how hard it will be to bring Browse and appropriate deps up to date?
Is it being replaced by Surf?
- Read: Changes to the gnome2-python-desktop bindings and presumably
moving it to equiv gobject-introspection bindings (seems to be a
common thread for Read for the last 2 SoaS releases!)
- NetworkManager 0.9: I think these changes have already been done
- and obviously all the gtk3 related changes which I think are coming later.


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