Any restrictions or recommendations regarding SD cards?

Arnd Bergmann arnd at
Fri Mar 25 04:10:59 EDT 2011

On Friday 25 March 2011 01:27:47 Rodolfo D. Arce S. wrote:
> You should try different types and brands, as long as they all have
> the same size, cause, in this cases, size does matter. This way if
> there is statistics that proves one brand not working is minimal
> compared to the whole batch of a bad brand.
> I hope that makes sense.. :)

It definitely does, but you don't always need to do statistics here,
simply identifying the flash chip and the controller chip is
most of what you need. 3-bit MLC flash should be avoided if you
want a long life expectancy, and the controller must be able to
deal with non-FAT32 file systems. If one of the two is bad, you
should not trust your data to the card.


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