XO power management

Ismael Schinca ischinca at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Thu Mar 24 11:01:54 EDT 2011

OK. Great. Is the attached version newer than the one in Sugar 0.88??
Because the latest dextrose image is mainly based on Sugar 0.88

2011/3/24 Richard A. Smith <richard at laptop.org>

> On 03/24/2011 10:41 AM, Ismael Schinca wrote:
>  I'm planning to use different XO's, all of them 1.0 hardware. I
>> definately won't be able to finish today because they all have different
>> OS images and I think it would be best if I update them all (even for
>> future tests). Maybe tomorrow, maybe monday.
> Yes certainly please use the same image on all of them.  If you have to
> install software then please use the latest version of olpc-pwr-log.  I have
> it attached to this mail.
>  I think it will be very hard to perform the same test under the same
>> conditions as you suggest because:
>> - It will be very time consuming (though it doesn't need a lot of
>> attention during the test)
> My goal is to automate the test and use a very short test window.  ie 20
> minutes or so.
>  - The air conditioning in our building is quite frankly chaotic so
>> temperature is really variable (which is actually a lot worse for us
>> humans than batteries ;) )
> Yes. Sorry my use of the word exactly was probably too strong.  I don't
> mean that it has to be 25 degC ambient and only that temperature.  The temp
> fluctuations in a air conditioned office should be within reason. I just
> don't want the profiles generated in an office and then the test run in a
> outside warehouse at 33C.  Or the curves generated on a XO-1 with build 8.2
> but the test run on a 1.5 with build 10.1.3. That sort of thing.
>  The closer I might get, which I think could be pretty close is:
>> - Install the SAME fresh OS image and firmware version on all the test XOs
>> - Disable power management in every XO.
> and dpms. xset -dpms from the sugar terminal other wise the screen will
> turn off in 20 minutes and change the power draw.
>  - The laptops batteries are mostly charged, so it will be a charge after
>> discharge, so I think temperature there is less of a concern
>> - Run the tests at the same time in every XO
> Yes.  I believe that will work fine.
> Note: I'm getting on a plane in a few minutes so this will be my last
> e-mail until much later on today.  Possible tonight or tomorrow.
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