Strange build problem OOB 1.3.0 (+ patches) on F11

Juan Ramon Torres Madrid juan.torres at
Tue Mar 15 16:05:08 EDT 2011

But, I don't have a public IP for use ssh Access. Do you know any tool for this situation?

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On 15 March 2011 19:41, Martin Langhoff <martin at> wrote:
> I am investigating a strange build problem with OOB. Log attached.
>  - OOB + the patches I propose for 1.3.1

Sounds strang indeed.
Worth checking v1.3.0 just in case?

>  - The log shows that the make_iso codepath seems to be triggered, and it
> bombs out. make_iso is not enabled and should default to disabled.

I don't see how the log shows make_iso being triggered.

> ERROR:root:Error creating Live CD : fsck returned an error!
> ERROR: Failure in BuildStage: module base, part,
> error code 1
>  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8  -- >8
> Have you seen anything like this? Suggestions?

Never seen it, but if you get me ssh access I'd be happy to look further.


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