'menu' in OFW on an XO-1

Richard A. Smith richard at laptop.org
Sun Mar 13 11:56:09 EDT 2011

On 03/13/2011 11:21 AM, Mitch Bradley wrote:

>> Not expected but not surprising. The graphical hardware
>> tests/diagnostics were developed for the 1.5. In XO 1.0 we only had the
>> text based tests. I suspect that the 1.5 graphics stuff came along for
>> the ride when we started building newer XO-1 firmwares.
> Actually, it has been around for a long time. The menu framework and
> command came along for the ride with the graphics infrastructure that is
> used for pretty boot and the graphical depiction of security status.
> Only with 1.5 did we populate the menu with actual icons and behavior.

So its not even a regression. :)  Few people knew it existed so it never 
got tried.  Now that menu is a regular part of a tech users vocab we 
should fix it or disable it on the next XO-1 firmware release.

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