[Sugar-devel] Interesting USB-pluggable robots, controller boards, and sensors

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 13:17:26 EST 2011

Hi Ian!

great to have you around! I am interested in your work with WeDo, both
the python plugin, and the TA integration.

For the NXT integration, the parts are

1 - an rpm that has the udev rules
2 - an rpm with nxt_python (python library, some utilities)
3 - a TA plugin

In your case, we'll probably want to use the same model for packaging.
The rpm with the udev rules already has rules for wedo. Once your
library code is ready for release, let me know and I'll look into
making an rpm.

For the TA plugin it may be a good idea to share notes with Emiliano
-- he's doing the NXT stuff. The TA plugin will probably be shipped
with TA once ready.

If you can keep those tiers separate, it will be a big win. Have you
seen the nxt_python library API? If yours is reasonably close you
might save some effort.

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