[Sugar-devel] Suggestion about feature in "sin-dientes" activity

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Wed Mar 9 04:23:33 EST 2011

2011/3/9 Yader Velásquez <yajosev at gmail.com>

> My problem is: How to allow only the teachers to customize the list words,
> and deny this feature to the regulars students?
> I use the FileChooserWidget for select a file with the new list, but is not
> a good idea that a child can do it.
I don't understand why the children can't write the word lists. I play a
hangman type of game with my niece (she is 10) and I write words for her to
guess and she writes words for me to guess. The more we play the better she
gets at choosing more difficult words.
If the students are writing their own word lists they can put in words which
are relevant to what they are learning and words they find important to the
topic, giving valuable insight to the teacher on the students understanding
of the topic.
I get students to write collaborative glossaries in courses too rather than
giving the students the words and definitions because I believe part of
grasping understanding of the topic is identifying key words and their
meaning given the context of the topic.
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