SDIO on external SD slot

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at
Mon Mar 7 01:12:16 EST 2011

On 4 March 2011 02:10, John Watlington <wad at> wrote:
> Have you considerd buying 3G Wifi access points instead ?
> They will be cheaper than custom cards (unless you want > 50K),
> are already available, and can be shared by multiple kids.
> Plus, they come with their own battery !
> Plus, they can be left in the book bag or on a shelf and arranged to
> expose the child to less radiation.

Thanks Wad, Peter and Martin. We are currently trialling the use of 3G
Wifi access points, with government-approved content filtering
supplied by the telco. Just to be thorough, I am also investigating
what our other options may be.


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