Memory replacement

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Mar 6 16:06:32 EST 2011

> how to upgrade the SD card ?

All you have to do is "stick the new card in", then perform the
'fs-update' (with an appropriate-sized .zd image).  The ENTIRE
SD-card-content will be written-over-anew, including the partition table.


The catch is that the micro-SD card is beneath the heat spreader - and
once you replace the card, you have to make sure that the heat spreader
has thermal contact with the CPU chip.  [I suspect that "too much
physical pressure at the CPU chip" might have contributed to the #10314
failures of some pre-production XO-1.5 motherboards.]


> a fresh new 8GiB micro-SD card

I had good luck with a 8GiB micro-SD card in the 2009 XO-1.5 I had (but
that system eventually stopped working - I don't know if my having put
in a different micro-SD card had any relationship to that failure).

What appears to matter most with the micro-SD card is its SPEED (it
would take a heck of a lot of Journal entries to fill even a 4GiB card).
 There was a discussion on the devel list a long while ago about the
transfer speeds measured on the XO-1.5 with several different cards --
apparently NOT ALL the available cards met OLPC reliability specs.


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