Memory replacement

Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Sun Mar 6 15:16:04 EST 2011

Might someone be able to point me to the place where one can get
instructions on how to upgrade the SD card from an old XO 1.5 currently with
2GiB, to a fresh new 8GiB micro-SD card?
Nothing on the 2Gb card is needed to be kept.
I see the gparted on the current carde as /dev/mmcblk0 with two unallocated
partitions: one at the beginning of 4MiB, the other one at the end at 95.50
Mib.  Then, one ext2 partition of 64 MiB (/dev/mmcblk0p1) , with rest in an
ext3 partition called /dev/mmcblk0p2.
Of course, I'm hoping I just have to format the whole SD card as Vfat, leave
it all unallocated, put it in the right place on the m/b then do a full USB
game-key reinstall.  :-)
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