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Fri Mar 4 15:39:07 EST 2011

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 3:32 PM, Rafael Ortiz <rafael at> wrote:
>> Emiliano has Arduino + TA working, I think. Needs to be reworked as a
>> plugin in the new TA plugins model (which seems excellent).
> Great, IIRC I think that also it's working only serially, i.e you
> cannot download code to the chip in order to have an autonomous system, this
> would be an excellent addition (maybe this was already integrated but i
> dunno)

Correct. The current TA+NXT is based on the nxt_python library, which
works "tethered", so the NXT controller acts as a dumb slave of the

For TA I think it's ok to start like this. Our intention is to

 - add some nxt_python examples to Pippy :-)

 - add nxb, and maybe a Pippy-like NXC editor -- these create programs
that run on the NXT CPU, so you can do "unplugged"

That's already a ton of work to get right!

After we achieve all that, we can try the (harder) steps to get TA
programming the NXT in "unplugged" mode

 - teach nxt_python to export NXC code... might be hard

 - teach Emiliano's code to export NXC code, seems easier

TBH, I really like NXC, it's _addictive_ :-)

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