Initial tests of Activities, as shipped, on a New XO-1.5

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Wed Mar 2 14:50:49 EST 2011

On 2 Mar 2011, at 13:34, Thomas C Gilliard <satellit at> wrote:

> Attached is an Calc spreadsheet of my initial testing of activities on a new XO-1.5
> All activities started and functioned well.
> The Only exception being Maze where I could not get the ball to move.
> (May be my lack of understanding of the application)
> I used a wireless connection to an apple airport extreme (type 2)
> ( Alphabetical Wep connection)
> The Control Panel/Software Updates worked and updated 3 activities.
> was not responding so I could not test these functions
> Note: I tested all of the activities listed in sequence in the F3 list view.
> This almost borked the XO-1.5.
> the memory became almost full and responses became very lethargic.
> I had to go to the journal and delete each entry, one at a time.

Could you confirm low storage space was the issue? Perhaps some activity is being mischievous on exit and not freeing up resources? It sounds more like low ram, or a hung process eating CPU. If some activity is indeed creating massive Journal entries, eating large chunks storage space it should be reported as a bug otherwise it'll likely trigger many maintenance issues.

One other possibility is a ram leak in Sugar, we did have one just prior to a release a year or so back, but that was discovered and fixed just in time for the GM (each activity launch consumed some memory that it didn't release). You could test for this by repeatedly resuming and stopping a simple Activity (I usually used Moon), while keeping an eye on top running in Terminal.

> A very slow process.
> There needs to be a way to select by group checking the "stars" in the journal to allow
> group deletions from the journal.

The stars are for marking favourites (currently used for quick filtering from the Journal toolbar). There are a number of design mockup for a Journal with multi select support, using a column of check boxes and showing a new group operation toolbar seems to have most support last time it was discussed. It's a fairly invasive chunk of Journal work and last time this came up there were not enough resources to tackle it.


> There was also no warning of the impending lockup.
> I believe some of these issues have been addressed in the software I will be testing on this Loaned
> XO-1.5 [1]
> No collaboration testing has been done in this initial set of tests.
> I plan to test against my XO-1 (G1G1) currently running os439dg and
> My Collection of Netbooks running sugar native and as Virtual Box Appliances.
> Tom Gilliard
> satellit on freenode IRC
> Bend Oregon
> [1]
> <XO-1.5-Activity Tests.ods>
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