New F13-arm build os14 -- kernel debugging build

Martin Langhoff martin at
Fri Jun 24 14:56:33 EDT 2011

The "olpc-utils and (debugging) normality" build.


* olpc-utils is now (mostly) working, this means that
  - system boots straight into Sugar or switch to GNOME. Note! the
desktop switch currently gets stuck after X stops, you need to switch
to a VT, and execute "start prefdm"
  - starts on tty0
  - better config file - DPMS is off, dpi settings are more reasonable
  - overall, a lot less hacks in the build

* /bootpart is mounted as you'd expect (thanks to olpc-utils), and is
ext2. This means, among other things, that runin can now pickup a
runin.tar.gz from /bootpart .


* Early boot kernel debugging is still enabled to help diagnose #10991 -

To install:

ok fs-update ext:\os14.zd


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