Booting on xo-1.75 - load and go?

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Jun 15 14:24:35 EDT 2011


On Wed, Jun 15 2011, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> We currently boot on the 1.75 boards with an olpc.fth that dixit
>   load last:\vmlinuz
>   go
> Attempting boot int:\linuz does not work -- and from
> I gather that
> something in the decompression or "preparing for execution" stages
> something goes amiss.
> Have we got any notes on what's broken here?
> Finally, what are the semantics of 'last'? I'm not familiar with it,
> and google ain't help.

I've been using "boot int:\vmlinuz" for all of my 1.75 kernel work, and
it's been working fine.  What do you see on serial?

last:\ maps to whichever device the olpc.fth was loaded from, so that
you can write an olpc.fth that doesn't need to know ahead of time
whether it's going to be put on an SD card or a USB stick or whatever.

- Chris.
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