11.2.0 development build 23 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jun 15 14:10:55 EDT 2011



Thanks for the feedback on the last image. We've now closed a load of
the major issues reported so it's time to test again! :)

Notable changes:
- pygobject update: the occasional crash where Sugar would completely
restart is fixed
- GTK2 update: drag-and-drop no longer breaks Sugar's keybindings,
which was causing the frame and zoom keys to break
- Browse updated to v122.1: the problem with focusing on text fields
is fixed, and PDF files are now supported inline again
- Calculate updated to v37
- Colors removed, because it's broken
- Clock updated to v6
- Jukebox updated to v21: no longer crashes when playing media
- Paint updated to v34
- Record updated to v92

Tickets closed:
#10623 	Browse will not let you type in text fields
#10643 	View keys and the Journal and Frame key stops working
#10699 	Browse needs PDF reader pluggin added back in
#10724 	Sugar dies upon launching an activity
#10960 	Jukebox crashes loading ogg files
#10684 	Browse has no "busy" indication
#10696 	Colors-15 crashes on launch
#10721 	Calculate - refresh lang-es PO file in 11.2.0
#10853 	Clock activity fails in os18/XO-1
#10854 	Paint activity crashes on os18, XO-1
#10726 	Paint: rotate should take all of the picture by default
#10909 	Paint: buttons that depend on a selection are not always deactivated
#10947 	Clock translation system is not working
#10961 	Taking a photo with timer set to anything other than 'Immediate' fails
#10966 	Calculate activity named Calculadora in English
#10948 	espeak returns 3 errors before speaking

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