problem with media player module on XS-moodle

Wed Jun 15 04:51:31 EDT 2011

We were working on adding the media player module to the XS-Moodle, everything worked fine, but the problem is that when we play the video file on the XO-1 the video is slow and the voice stops for very little amounts of time during the playback.

We used all types of supported formats for the video like ogg, flv, avi, mp4 and mpeg, but the problem is the same.

We tried other browsers on the XO, like Firefox and AguBrowser, and we are still facing the same problem.

Important notes:

-    The installed operating system is based on Fedora 11, with Sugar 0.84.32 and OLPC OS 10.1.3 build os860.

-    GNOME is not installed on the system.

-    The CPU utilization using "top" command ranges from 85%-96%.

-    Attached is a video file that we used during the test and it faced the same problem.

Please provide us with any information that could help us solve this problem.

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