[OLPC-AU] [Dextrose] Support for Firefox 3.5 is ending

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sun Jun 5 09:37:24 EDT 2011

> Does that mean that with FF4 installed, Browse is still working
> because it is (equivalently) using FF3.6 as the backend?
> Would that mean that if we were to upgrade to FF4, we would have a
> disparity in rendering between GNOME and Sugar?

A note from a sometimes_bleeding_edge user:

Ever since FF4 beta was available, I've been running it on all my XOs. 
It has its own subset of "xulrunner functions" - so does not conflict 
with whatever xulrunner package version has been installed in the XO. 
Browse has not been affected by my upleveling of FF.


p.s.  Activities such as "Karma" appear to have packaged-in an entire 
copy of the then-current xulrunner function.

pps.  With FF 5 beta now available - that's what I am currently running 
in all my F11/F14 XOs.

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