[OLPC-AU] Support for Firefox 3.5 is ending

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 04:29:58 EDT 2011

On Sun, Jun 5, 2011 at 6:47 AM, Sridhar Dhanapalan
<sridhar at laptop.org.au> wrote:
> Firefox 3.5 is being EOLed by Mozilla[0] and Google is dropping
> support for it[1]. In 10.1.3 this is default Web browser in GNOME and
> the backend of the Browse activity, so we should be thinking of what
> that means for us.
> The plan for Australia is to have a Fedora 14 build (based on DX12)
> ready by January. F14 comes with Firefox 3.6, which is the oldest
> version supported by Mozilla and Google.
> What would be even better is to have Firefox 4 available. By January,
> Firefox 3.6 will be quite old and close to EOL. Firefox 4 is a fair
> bit faster than 3.6, allowing us to squeeze extra performance out of
> our XOs. There is a yum repository for F14[2].

My understanding (I can't find where I read it) is that Firefox 3.6
will stick around for a while to support older OS releases. Do you
have information that's different?

> I use this on my F14 work machine (albeit in x86_64), and I've had no
> problem. Browse continues to work in Sugar.

Yes. But in this case Browse is still using the old version of
XULRunner, Browse doesn't work with Xulrunner 2.

> Are there any thoughts/plans about including Firefox 4 in the OLPC/DX OS?

There are a lot of other impacts that would need to be addressed and
its no a small amount of work.


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