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I've never seen a 'previous version' after having done an fs-update on an XO
1.5 or an update-nand on a XO 1 from a usb stick.  It is my understanding
that these methods are destructive, completely wiping the existing file
system as part of the install, basically cloning the image from the USB
stick onto the machine.  Perhaps this is not the method that was used?

Also, and please dont try this at home without the right tools as it can
completely brick your machine, we test removal of the USB stick about
half-way through the update to simulate real-world nasty occurrences.  In
absolutely no cases was there a previous version left on the machine, and
some very fancy and sometimes carzyfancy machinations had to be done to get
the box back into production.

Perhaps dsd or someone else can explain how your symptoms would have
happened using the OFW-esc method I described, as it is above my pay-class
to do so.


On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 8:46 AM, <mokurai at> wrote:

> On Thu, June 2, 2011 2:35 pm, Daniel Drake wrote:
> > On 2 June 2011 19:12, Kevin Gordon <kgordon420 at> wrote:
> >> Folks:
> >>
> >> OS21 installs fine using the power-on/esc clean install method with
> >> update-nand on an XO1
> In my case it did not. Install looked good up until reboot, which failed
> and dropped me back to the previously installed version.
> >> and fs-update on an XO 1.5.  Looks like it might
> >> be an
> >> olpc-update issue which Yioryos is facing, not an entire os21 issue from
> >> here.  I have experienced no regressions on anything, including the
> >> custom
> >> stuff which I have checked - USB 3G modems, external microscopes,
> >> external
> >> VGA monitors, Vernier LSUSB sensors, HP USB printing all functioning
> >> perfectly well to date.
> >
> > Great, thanks a lot for the testing and feedback. Please keep at it as
> > we bring out further builds until release :)
> >
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