11.2.0 development build 21 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jun 1 10:37:04 EDT 2011



Thanks for testing! Please keep the success/failure reports coming in.

Notable changes:
- Sugar update including many bug fixes
- Sugar activity updater readded
- InfoSlicer updated to v9
- Read updated to v89
- .usb image published for olpc-update --usb
- olpc-update from previous XO-1 images will no longer break on 2nd reboot
- New fix for the libertas crash; we're more confident around this one
being the final answer

Tickets closed:
#10641 	New activity updater that uses the microformat
#10748 	libertas crashes kernel in resume
#10806 	No scrolling in Read
#10578 	Leaving a shared activity only logs shared users in the
Journal present at the time you exited the activity
#10676 	Shared activities displayed with activity name, not
instance/journal name in the sugar network view
#10693 	tabbing through activities using alt+tab / alt+shift+tab does not work
#10735 	Bad buddy name in file transfer dialog
#10929 	incorrect purging of /versions/configs
#10936 	Use the activity instance name when joining a shared activity
#10599 	Jukebox is a favorite application on the XO-1.5 but not the
XO-1 in 10.1.3
#10678 	No message appears when school server registration is completed
#10738 	Salut: when joining a shared activity an invitation palette is added
#10768 	Gabble: when joining a shared activity an invitation palette is added
#10800 	Memorize: buddies do not get removed from the buddy list
inside the activity when leaving
#10803 	rfkill switch "OLPC" causes rfkill to hang
#10814 	Invitation from a non sugar client (empathy)
#10849 	Disable libertas 802_11_GET_LOG debug message
#10926 	Infoslicer: update to include fixes SL #2855, #2856 and #2871
#10927 	runin-battery fails due to not enough discharge
#10798 	Traceback when trying to send a Memorize Journal entry

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