11.3.0 development build 1 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jul 27 16:22:20 EDT 2011



Here we go again! :)

Notable changes from 11.2.0 final release:
- Latest Fedora 14 updates
- Sugar-0.92.4 with latest activities
- ubifs is back on for XO-1, but with zlib compression (matching
jffs2, avoids the image size increase that we saw before)
- Compressed image size reduced by 30mb (thanks to Yader Velasquez
removing mesa-dri-drivers)
- New firmware for both XO-1 and XO-1.5
- A handful of bugs fixed

Tickets closed:
#11021 	EC turns on CPU with keyboard unresponsive
#11036 	Remove mesa-dri-drivers
#5835 	readd 3 button mouse emulation
#10676 	Shared activities displayed with activity name, not
instance/journal name in the sugar network view
#10750 	gabble: nick name is set to jabber_account_id
#10930 	copy/paste does not work in if one has not revealed the edit
toolbar once
#10978 	Listen for metadata updates in the activity frame
#10770 	Paint needs to delay before resizing a region, show busy cursor
#10771 	Paint undo functionality with clippings seems to often cause duplication
#10781 	Distance Activity needs to enforce sane Atmospheric conditions
#10907 	Include Armenian keyboard layout support
#11037 	Activity Palette in activities without jobject show "sugar-session"
#11058 	Bump firefox and xulrunner to .18 versions (or the latest
security update)
#10755 	Traceback on the joiner side
#10992 	Possible duplicated olpc xkeyboard sections

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