Kernel 3.0 rpm for XO-1.75

Martin Langhoff martin at
Wed Jul 27 07:21:24 EDT 2011

>From Jon Nettleton's notes on the xorg track, it is clear that we need
Linux 3.0 as it includes CMA support (at least enough bits of it that
Jon can get his job done).

So cjb tackled an initial rebase of our patches to the 3.0, skipping
the RPM spec/build bits. Now I've reviewed his rebase -- really hard
to tell as several patches have been squashed together, so I it
sorta-kinda-makes sense, but it'd need a replay of the whole exercise
to tell.

I have also re-imported the rpm and makefile bits, so `make ARCH=arm
xo_1_75-kernel-rpm` works.

The resulting kernel builds, boots, reboots, drives the camera, audio
output, reads accelerometer, battery, keyboard, tp, runs runin, and
generally seems to make sense.

I didn't try any of the new Linux 3.0 features -- Kinect support anyone? :-)

 git repo at

 rpms at;O=D


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