Sugar Commander

John Gilmore gnu at
Mon Jul 25 01:23:42 EDT 2011

> >> I'm sorry, I don't mean to ruffle any feathers, but the flat journal
> >> is a really broken model when you stick in a USB stick with 2000+

The flat journal worked great on 8" floppies.  It was obsoleted
in 1982 or so.

The whole emphasis on the "journal as filesystem interface" was
another of those grand OLPC experiments.  Unfortunately, unlike the
mesh, its failure was not followed by junking it and replacing it with
"what every other computer does -- what works".  This journalism
religion is also a major reason why kids can't read or edit the source
code of the OLPC -- because it isn't visible in a journal, and if it
was in there, it would be painful or impossible to find or organize.

> The new Unity 2D UI that Ubuntu defaults to makes the same decision,
> and it works well.

It works so well that I won't be using Ubuntu in the next release,
because they are forcing everyone to run Unity, I think on the theory
that if they force enough people to use it, some of them will fix all
the bugs and misfeatures in it.  Unfortunately for them, this is not
a market where they have any power to compel users; we'll just go


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