[support-gang] 11.2.0 release notes ready for review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:25:40 EDT 2011

The Sugar Commander Activity I put together lets you do interesting things
with the Journal even if you're using an old version of Sugar.  You can sort
Journal entries by name, MIME type, size, etc. both ascending and
descending.  You can see the screen grab and metadata for a Journal entry on
the same screen as the list of Journal entries is on.  You can resize images
and make them take up less disk space.  You can see the contents of thumb
drives and SD cards as a hierarchical file system instead of as imitating
the Journal.  You can copy files into the Journal from anywhere on the file
system.  It is my idea of what the Journal should be like.  You can check it
out here:


James Simmons

> Journal entries, especially ones that are just metadata that an activity
> was used are very small amounts of data on the disk. I think perhaps the
> worst case would be if a child is making lots of video or audio recordings
> using the Record activity, EToys projects, and perhaps Paint being the next
> worse for disk size. I would love to know what children are using up their
> disk space with. I'm guessing some of it is downloads of the less disk space
> efficient Activity software ports from Gnome (Tux Paint, Open Office,
> Firefox, some of the GCompris activities), and perhaps using Browse to save
> music, video and pictures from the Internet. Would be great if you have any
> information/data on how you see children have used up most of their disk
> space!
> With the new builds OLPC are currently finishing up for release, the
> version of Sugar in them supports sorting the Journal by size, and by
> creation date (in addition to the default modification date). Sorting by
> size is great for tracking down where all your disk space went, sorting by
> creation date is helpful when you are looking for work you know you started
> last Monday, or at the beginning of term, or you can remember other
> activities you did at the same time (I took 5 photos and then started the
> essay I'm looking for).
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