New F14-arm build os21

Martin Langhoff martin at
Wed Jul 20 06:02:06 EDT 2011

The "Fix serial TTY and tighten runin" build.

Donwload from:

Use with OFW Q4B02:

 - Updates olpc-runin-tests to the version we are using during B1 build.
 - Updates olpc-utils to disable X zapping and fix serial port terminal

Kernel changelog:

Jonathan Corbet (6):
      marvell-cam: delete struct mcam_sio_buffer
      marvell-cam: core code reorganization
      marvell-cam: remove {min,max}_buffers parameters
      marvell-cam: power down mmp camera on registration failure
      marvell-cam: Allow selection of supported buffer modes
      marvell-cam: clean up a couple of unused cam structure fields

Paul Fox (5):
      handle 16-bit XO-1.75 board ID values correctly
      implement the input driver for the XO-1.75 power button
      rationalize use of the EC driver's name in dmesg output
      implement input driver support for 1.75 lid and ebook switches
      disable /dev/ttyS0 and enable /dev/ttyS3 by default on XO-1.75

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