11.2.0 release candidate 5 (build 874) released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Wed Jul 20 04:57:39 EDT 2011

On 20 July 2011 01:07, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at bga.com> wrote:
> Looking at the version numbers of some packages in build 874 --
> The XO-1 has kernel-,
> The XO-1,5 has kernel-

This was intended - we made changes that would only affect XO-1.5, so
there was no need to put in new XO-1 RPMs.

> Build 874 has olpc-utils-1.2.12-1.fc14.i686, which has not yet
> appeared in the principal RPM repositories for F14.

Yep, this is brand new, and Fedora enforces that new packages spend 1
week in updates-testing (where it can currently be found).

> Build 874 still has xkeyboard-config-1.9-9.fc14.olpc.noarch

As planned - we froze our package selection over a month ago.

Thanks for your attention to detail!

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