Melbourne testing group, RC4 (au868)

forster at forster at
Sat Jul 16 04:09:28 EDT 2011


New image to be tested:

  * flashing is faster with our sparse build [#594]

Flashed 3 laptops OK

  * Browse activity [#654]

Browse ran OK

  * Speak activity, bumped to version 28, with english_rp voice [#718]

Browse ran OK, english_rp voice is good for Australian accents

  * Screencast activity, bumped to version 3 [#692]

Ran Screencast OK. Icon does not conform to Sugar guidelines

  * gnome-screenshot in GNOME [#563]

This is a good addition

  * gtk-recordmysesktop in GNOME [#564]

Unable to stop the recording session, the app disappears, maybe we are missing the obvious

  * camorama in GNOME [#558]

runs ok but on some scenes AGC is unstable giving a beat effect, was natural lighting

  * Firefox now loads with the OLPC Library as the home page [#555]

ok, content bundles work ok

  * Firefox is remembering passwords [801]

ok, default is not to remember

  * Firefox default paper is not A4 [803]

page setup =A4, print page setup =undefined

  * Scratch's udev rules pre-installed, no user intervention needed.

not tested

  * Biology library version 10

runs ok

Ran ok both sugar and gnome with a usb modem, power management has to be turned off as noted previously

Turtleart is v104, latest version is v110 

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