testing olpc-os-builder for custom images on XO 1.5

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Thu Jul 14 15:18:00 EDT 2011

On 14 July 2011 18:23, German Ruiz <germanrs at opensuse.org.ni> wrote:
> hi lists
> currently i'm testing new custom images for XO 1.5 based on fedora 14, i'm
> using olpc-os-builder from git, this is the config file that i'm use for
> this (fzt_f14-xo.15-1-ini):

Great! You will want to switch to the v3.0 git branch instead of using
master, or use the olpc-os-builder version 3.0.0 that we release
probably in a few days (will also be included in fedora).

If you want to base your image around 11.2.0 you should use the
olpc-os-11.2.0-xo1.5.ini config file as a base, otherwise you will be
diverging from that release (and might find some surprises e.g.
activities not working).

> -> maze and stopwatch didn't work: Maze falló al iniciar
> -> speak, when we open the the activity, the voice is of sarah is english,
> like if sarah is reading in spanish the welcome text: "... type
> something..."

If you're doing this heading towards a deployment you will want to
freeze the activities around the ones shipped in 11.2.0. This is what
olpc-os-11.2.0-xo1.5.ini does - it pulls frozen activities from

You should check that your build includes the same versions - those
are the ones we've tested and are supporting.


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