OLPC-AU release candidate RC4 (au868)

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 14 14:29:25 EDT 2011

Hi all:

There is a new image to be tested: 

The release notes, including links to the changes, is online at:

Delta updater:
This grew by 30MB to 70MB due to an update to version 10 of biology.xol.
I can put together a slimmed down version if there is interest.

Some things that have changed (with their issues numbers in our system)
that we need testing are:
   * flashing is faster with our sparse build [#594]
   * Browse activity [#654]
   * Speak activity, bumped to version 28, with english_rp voice [#718] 
   * Screencast activity, bumped to version 3 [#692] 
   * gnome-screenshot in GNOME [#563]
   * gtk-recordmysesktop in GNOME [#564]
   * camorama in GNOME [#558]
   * Firefox now loads with the OLPC Library as the home page [#555]
   * Firefox is remembering passwords [801]
   * Firefox default paper is not A4 [803]
   * Scratch's udev rules pre-installed, no user intervention needed.
   * Biology library version 10

Thanks in advance,


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