missing from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gtk-2,0/gtk

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Jul 10 19:21:56 EDT 2011

G'day George,

pygtk2-libglade was only incidentally in 10.1.3, and is possibly not
required by Sugar.  It was also in 8.2.1.

You might bundle the library with your activity or application in order
to be compatible with 11.2.0.  Or, if you are building a deployment
image, add the pygtk2-libglade package. lists the platform
components that a Sugar activity author can expect to find available.

This package pygtk2-libglade is not explicitly in the list, though the
list does mention PyGTK, and is listed in the PyGTK reference

I can't find a list of platform components for Sugar 0.82 used by 8.2.1,
but PyGTK is listed for Sugar 0.84, and Sugar 0.86.


James Cameron

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