11.2.0 release candidate 3 (build 872) released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Jul 8 12:08:42 EDT 2011


We're pleased to announce a further release candidate of our new
11.2.0 software release.

Information and installation instructions can be found here:

Quick links for those who know which files need to be grabbed and save
to USB disks:

The recent problems with http://download.laptop.org should have been
fixed. If you still have connectivity troubles, please let us know.

This is a signed release candidate that can be installed on all XOs,
even those with security enabled.

We're looking for testing and feedback on all aspects of the system.
Thanks for any help you can offer, and for all the feedback that has
been received already.

Our scheduled release date is July 18th.

Since release candidate 2 (build 871) we have fixed the following issues:

- Aleksey Lim fixed a problem with wireless activation from certain
access points.

- We're quite confident that we've nailed the occasional system hang
on resume from suspend issue, related to the wireless hardware.

- Read: navigation with the game keys, page up/down, home/end now works again.

- Paint has updated translations.

- Biology content bundle now works again under a Spanish configuration.

Closed tickets:
#10501 	Read should setup dpad left/right to move document left/right
#10949 	Read activity does not support Home/End keys
#10950 	Page Up/Page Down keys in Read rock display when zoomed in,
literally go to pages instead of display segments
#10969 	libertas data transmit lockup on resume
#11032 	Paint: translation updates, new Stamp icon
#11034 	Biology content bundle fails redirect in Spanish due to case sensitivity
#11035 	Activating code relies on starting AP MAC from a digit


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