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I am pretty sure this got to you from Trent but here again just in case and a copy for the list

> Hi Gerald
> I had the same issue with the hidden wireless networks here at Education
> Queensland. I have listed out what needed to be done below.
> To connect to the hidden wireless network itself I had to switch to the
> gnome desktop. From there you will be able to connect to a hidden
> wireless network. You will have to manually input the SSID of your
> network and the correct credentials. 
> After you have made the connection you will need to do the following to
> ensure the browser will function with a proxy.
> Put about:config in the address bar in browse
> Scrolled to network.proxy.http and input your proxy
> Went to network:proxy.http_port and input 80 (this may be different on
> your network. You will need to check)
> Went to network.proxy.type and input 1
> Hope this helps
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> I thought that something like this had come up on
> olpc-au at lists.laptop.org if anyone can help Gerald, please do
> Tony
> > I am trying to connect XOs in a school which as a wireless network 
> > with a hidden SSID. Additionally, the school requires proxy settings 
> > to establish internet connections.
> > 
> > Can someone help me with this?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > Gerald
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