[IAEP] !! in 10.1.3, setting "languages" property clears all activities

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sun Jan 30 08:44:45 EST 2011

Hi Tim,

On 28 January 2011 15:36, Timothy Falconer <teefal at waveplace.org> wrote:
> sugar-control-panel -s languages Kreyol/Haiti
> And after restarting, ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES ARE GONE.
> Can anyone confirm this or give me guidance.  How can I set the language in a bash script in 10.1.3?

I imagine this is because the language is not included. What version
of the software did you last successfully run this on?

The languages included in 10.1.x are:

Reconstructing the image with another language added is as easy as
having good bandwith and a Fedora 11 machine available (which is
probably very difficult if you are in Haiti). The target XOs must all
be unlocked (security disabled). I'd be happy to guide you through the
build process if this is an option for you.


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