trac email verification temporarily enabled

James Cameron quozl at
Fri Jan 28 02:44:15 EST 2011

We've seen a large increase in spam tickets in the past couple of days

I've reacted to those by deleting the tickets, and adding patterns to
wiki/BadContent.  I'm not confident that the latter is working, because
I've seen further tickets.

I'm fairly certain accounts could be created without e-mail
verification.  If anyone knows different, let me know.

I've enabled EmailVerificationModule [2], which means you may be asked
by Trac to verify your e-mail address.  It seemed to work for me, but
I've got TRAC_ADMIN.

Unfortunately this raises the bar slightly for bug reports, in that an
e-mail address is required.

(Rafael Ortiz, thanks for closing tickets as invalid.  Deleting works
well too though, if I can get to them before you do.  ;-) )




James Cameron

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